We are a social enterprise that make custom school leaver apparel.
Your Year 12 garment will fund life changing education to a child in a developing country, we call this #WhenYouFinishTheyStart


Our personalised jackets and hoodies create change. We are a social enterprise with an eye for style, making personalised hoodies and year 12 custom varsity jackets that make a change. Every one of our custom hoodies purchased goes towards funding sustainable feeding and education projects in Victoria and throughout the world. We want to see a different world – when you design your varsity jacket, you are breaking the poverty cycle and addressing food crises and education inequalities everywhere.


You’ve done well – you’ve made it to Year 12. Whether you’re just beginning your final year, or you’ve just wrapped up the biggest year of your life to date, you’ve definitely done the best you could do. You’ve had an amazing school life full of friendships, growth and, of course, intense study. And now it’s almost over.What better way to remember your year, and send it off with a bang, than with your custom varsity jackets and custom hoodies? With your whole class wearing that same stylish jacket, you’ll be directly connected to the people who made your school life special – and you’ll have a keepsake of your time (and your intense effort), so you can remember your time forever.

We have a vision of the world – a big dream that we want to come true. This vision is what drives us though our days. It’s why we exist. It shapes everything we do, every product we make. When you design your own PVBS hoodie, you are helping shape the cycle of poverty.

We want people to reach their full potential, because everyone is destined for a great and inspiring life. Irrespective of their background or country of birth, children should succeed, being raised with all the opportunities and knowledge that are unparalleled to previous generations. The next generation of world leaders, they will be able to succeed in ways their parents never have – they will be lawyers, doctors, government officials, educators, and entrepreneurs. They will make a difference. And you can be part of it.

F E A T U R E D I N . . . .


  • I think it’s great that as a year level we’ve had the opportunity to give some money to such a great cause. Knowing that we’ve made a difference in the lives of others through buying our year 12 jumpers has made the process positive and worthwhile.

    Emily Pompetti PVCC, Melbourne
  • I am very grateful that we have had this opportunity as a year level to help children in disadvantaged countries receive an education through such a simple thing like getting our year 12 jumpers. It is so nice to think that we can help others through PVBS to receive what many of us take for granted.

    Carly Pettingill PVCC, Melbourne
  • I just wanted to say thank you to the PVBS team for such a wonderful experience! It was so easy to create such a great design with their designer, he gave us different options and put together exactly what we wanted. We loved our jackets and loved that we were able to help children in need at the same time.

    Claudia Fuentes Student
  • Thank you PVBS for making our hoodies, they were great quality and the design was cool. I wear it everywhere because it is so comfortable. My cousin had a PVBS jacket the year before and still wears his. It’s crazy to think that we have helped people overseas by designing our own hoodies, that was pretty cool.

    Sam Kho Student
  • I had the privilege of organising my classes school leaver jackets, as school captain as I very pleased with how simple and easy it was to work with PVBS. We designed our own jackets and they turned out amazing. The students all loved having their names on the inside of the jacket for a great price. But what we loved the most is that it wasn’t just about us and the jackets, but helping kids who now will be able to go to school. Thanks PVBS

    Stephanie Coleman Student
  • We choose PVBS as was part of our Social Justice assignment and it worked out better than we expected! Eric and his team are awesome, they’re passionate with helping their wider community which is one of the many reasons we chose them.

    James Baring

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