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Why Education?

Nelson Mandela sums it up perfectly:
‘Education is the greatest weapon you can use to change the world.’ Education is a human right. Full stop.
We believe every child, irrespective of their gender, country of birth or financial status, should have access to quality education. Sadly, this is not always the case, that is where WE come in! *Que Super Hero Music*

We have taken on the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world’
We partner with Year 12 students all around Australia, who are passionate about making a difference, by providing them with their very own custom leaver apparel.
Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty Join us today and be the change. Be part of the #ClassOfChange family

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This young world changer is Gertrude.

She is 12 years old and has just completed Grade 4. This year she was selected as class captain and also the school captain for primary school. Gertrude’s Dream is to become a nurse, because she wants to help her family and community through a job that she loves.

Why are we telling you this very happy story of this beautiful girl?
Because if it wasn’t for our #ClassOFChange, Gertrude may have had a very different story to tell but now she has the chance to live out her dreams and change the world around her!
This great story comes from our partnership with the AKAA Project.


PVBS partners with local charity groups, who work on the ground in Cambodia and Africa.
The schools in these countries all have different needs, therefore our local partners help identify these needs allowing our donation to make a direct impact on a child’s access to quality education. Take a look below at our awesome partners on the ground in Cambodia and Africa.

The Akaa project work with a rural school in the Akaa community, which is located in Ghana. They provide education for 100 students who come from 5 villages around the area, classes range from nursery aged children through to grade 5. PVBS contributes financially to the running of the school, building materials, student excursions and classroom necessities. We have seen many lives changed through the incredible work they do as well as hearing many wonderful stories of young children changing the way they think about themselves and the world around them.

YGAP (Based in Melbourne) aims to find and enable local organizations that exist in Africa to improve the lives of people living in poverty. PVBS loves this organization because they discover leaders within that community and invest into them by training them and providing quality educations to the new upcoming world changers. This not only empowers those people in particular but brings hope to their community as they learn how to become sustainable and increase the quality of living.

This incredible charity focus on many schools who have different needs in Cambodia.
They provide unique solutions that remove barriers to education. From building classrooms to scholarship programs. Classroom of hope understand how vital education is, especially in countries such as Cambodia, where there are thousands of young children roaming through the streets searching for hope, searching for someone to believe in them, education is the beginning of this.